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Q: Do people sometimes provide false information through "tip" lines in order to discredit an innocent person, or even to cause them to loose their job?

A: Sometimes people leave wrong information, but this is rarely intentional. By conducting a thorough and professional investigation your school or employer is able to determine when the information received is wrong. In order for administrative or legal action to occur based upon the information you provide, an independent investigation must determine it to be true and actionable. Experience has shown that the vast majority of people who use Choose-to-Care are honest, sincere people whose information is used to help solve real problems.


Q: When providing my information should I remain anonymous or should I reveal my identity?

A: The choice to remain anonymous or to say who you are is a personal one. We believe that your information will be investigated more effectively if you say who you are. This way, your school or employer can ask you additional questions if needed. Additionally, information received from people who say who they are is generally perceived to be more credible than information received from anonymous sources. However, we understand that in some cases revealing your identity is just not a choice you can make. That is why ChooseToCare provides the option to remain anonymous. Regardless of your choice, we respect your decision. Your school or employer will investigate your issue to the extent possible, based upon the completeness of the information you provide.


Q: Why use ChooseToCare? Why not speak to my school or employer directly?

A: We encourage you to speak directly to your school official or employer. This should always be the first option you consider. ChooseToCare is available to you when you believe you are not in a position to do so. When this is the case, your school and employer supports your use of ChooseToCare. ChooseToCare is all about providing you with options.


Q: Is it safe for me to use Choose-to-Care's web site from my computer at work?

A: Employers sometimes monitor the Internet use of their employees while at work. Therefore it is possible that your employer may know that you have accessed this site. If you desire privacy and anonymity we advise that you ask your employer about their Internet monitoring practices before accessing this site. To be absolutely safe, it is better to use the site from your computer at home.