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ChooseToCare.com is concerned about your privacy and the security of the information you provide through our site. Our site is protected using secure socket layer (SSL) technology for encryption. The "s" in the Web address prefix "https" as well as the image of the lock which may appear in the bottom right corner of your browser screen show that you are providing your information in a secure environment. In addition, our server is firewall protected and our internal security procedures ensure that only ChooseToCare employees who are authorized to process and view your information have access to it.

The information you provide through this Web site will be securely and directly communicated to the person within your company or school who is specifically authorized to receive your information and who is responsible for making sure that it is investigated properly.

ChooseToCare.com maintains records of e-mail addresses and other personal identifying information, when given voluntarily by our users, so that they can be contacted for follow-up, if necessary. ChooseToCare.com does not sell, transfer, or otherwise provide your personal identifying information, or information about your complaint, to outside third parties for marketing, statistical, or for any other purpose.

Our server captures and records the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of people who access this site in order to protect the integrity and security of the site. We know that you may have chosen to use this site strictly because of the privacy it affords. We recognize that the protection of your privacy is central to the ongoing success and effectiveness of this program. ChooseToCare.com will not divulge the IP addresses of persons who visit our site, or, of those who provide information through our site and who do not want their employer or school to know their identity. However, ChooseToCare.com may divulge the IP address or other personal identifying information of a visitor or user whom we believe has knowingly and intentionally used the site to violate criminal or civil law, or, whom we believe has engaged in the intentional and malicious abuse of the site. Additionally, ChooseToCare may divulge personal identifying information of a visitor or user if compelled to do so by law and when necessary to prevent immediate physical harm or to save a life.

If you have a question about our privacy policy or about the use and storage of personal identifying information collected as the result of your use of this site, please call Asset Control Inc., at 940-891-1919. All changes or updates to our privacy policy statement will be posted to this location of the Web site on or before the date on which the change is effective.

Although ChooseToCare.com takes all reasonable precautions to protect your privacy on-line, we assume no responsibility or liability for how your information is used once it is out of our control or for the outcome of any investigation your employer or school conducts.